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Laser Medicine

Latest generation laser – Erbio and Neodymium

Facial and dermato-aesthetic rejuvenation treatments

Through the use of modern state-of-the-art laser equipment, with a dual platform of Erbio and Neodymium Yag, fractionated outpatient procedures are performed with minimal risk.

This laser is designed to eliminate or improve skin conditions such as fine wrinkles and expression lines getting a better texture and tone, can be associated to enhance its effect with autologous plasma application and application of cells to obtain an excellent facial rejuvenation.

Facial rejuvenation in clinica siloe de albir, calpe, aletea y Benidorm

Patient photo aging grade II

Two sessions of fractional Erbio laser and Autologous plasma application.

An appreciable facial rejuvenation is achieved with the reduction of spots, crow’s feet, wrinkles and expression lines in general. General improvement of skin tone.






laser and platelet-rich plasma for photorejuvenation treatment

Patient with diagnosis of photoaging grade II

Treatment with two sessions of erbium laser and PRP (autologous plasma).

We observed reduction of spots, wrinkles and expression lines.




sunspot rejuvenation treatment

Patient with Photo-aging grade III

Three fractional erbium lasers are performed, application of PRP (autologous plasma), obtaining a notorious facial rejuvenation, with reduction of spots, elastosis, wrinkles and expression lines. Improvement of skin tone and quality.




This type of laser also provides excellent results in: width=

  • Scars
  • Resection of moles and warts.
  • broken or expanded capillaries
  • Freckles and pigmentations due to sun exposure or age.
  • Rosaceae
  • Treatment for active acne
  • Decrease of acne sequelae
  • Decrease of stretch marks

With the Neodymium-Yag platform, excellent results are obtained in nail fungus treatments.

Female Genital Rejuvenation Laser

  • Vaginal tightening and rejuvenation to increase sexual gratification.
  • Treatment of male and female HPV (Papillomatosis).
  • Innovative incontinence treatment.

Laser in Otolaryngology and Stomatology

  • Laser Snoring: Non-surgical treatment of snoring.
  • Depilation: By using Neodymium-Yag with an intelligent scanner that produces what is known as “homogeneous photothermolysis” and achieves the anagen phase elimination of the hair is a simple procedure, effective for both men and women, which can be applied in any area of the body. On average, seven sessions are required.