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Detoxification and Organic Cleaning

Our treatments in this area are based on the detoxification of the organism by methods widely used and tested in European clinics such as:

  • Oxivenoterapia y Ozono terapia: Application of minimal amounts of oxygen or ozone by intravenous route, together with the application of medicines of natural origin, homeopathic, oligoelements and nutritional complements in order to clean and sweep free radicals and pathological deposits of our organism, as well as to balance and to regulate organic functions and to stimulate our systems of defense.
  • Colontherapy: Natural colon cleansing processes that allow us to maintain proper gastrointestinal function.


Anti-aging serum therapy

Intravenous therapy.
Complementary to the detoxification of the organism, we apply nutrients, antioxidants, trace elements, vitamins and other revitalizing compounds, with the aim of improving the different functions in our organism.

The endovenous therapy contributes to elevate the defenses of the immunological system , to regulate the metabolism and the hormonal function helping to the improvement in the patients with diverse pathologies associated to the malnutrition, the stress, the insomnia, and the premature aging, constituting itself in a natural pharmacological alternative.

B complex vitamins, as well as magnesium, calcium and selenium are highly effective in combating fatigue, allergies, weight loss, migraines, asthma, fibromyalgia among others.
Through intravenous vitamin C therapy, infections and the activation of cancer cells are prevented in the body, increasing the immune system’s defenses.

The vitamin D is an essential substance for calcium absorption and bone mineralization , improving bone condition.

These compounds also stimulate the rapid formation of collagen in the body, preventing brain deterioration, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and help combat premature aging, promoting the regenerative process of cells by keeping in good condition cell membranes and structures.